Make The Change Project

PROJECT 2015.3.26

#04Make the Change Project World Tour 2014


2014年9月から3ヶ月間にわたり、世界のソウル・ミュージック・シーンに変革を起こすライブ・レコーディングツアーが行われた。Make the Change Project World Tour 2014と銘打たれたそのツアーは、ソウルの本場アメリカからスタート。アメリカ期待のソウルマンBrian Owensとともに各地でのライブおよび新作のレコーディングを敢行し、Brianが主催したフェス”HEAL FERGUSON”にもゲスト出演、更に空港で偶然居合わせたEric Robersonのショーにも飛び入り参加し賞賛を受けるなど大きな収穫を得て3週間を超えるアメリカツアーが終了。続いて10月にはオランダへ赴き、オランダ国内で名実ともにトップクラスのソウルシンガーShirma Rouseと共にツアーをスタート。ここでは、オランダが誇るトップサックスプレイヤーCandy Dulferとの共演も果たし、アメリカ同様に世界のトップアーティスト達から認められた印を手に帰国。そして11/15、Shirma Rouseを招聘しNao Yoshiokaの地元でもある大阪で日本ツアーをスタート。その後名古屋、東京、札幌と合わせて4都市での公演を行い、このツアーを経て確実に成長を遂げたNao Yoshiokaの姿を見せつけた。
日本から世界へ飛び出そうとするNao Yoshiokaと、世界中に点在する才能溢れるソウルアーティスト達で作り上げた3ヶ月にわたるワールドツアーは世界のソウル・ミュージック・シーンに変革を起こす大きな一歩となった。

A collaboration between some of the world’s most talented soul artists with performances in the U.S. and Europe which caused a change in the world’s view of Japan

Over a three-month period beginning in September 2014, live recordings and touring took place that caused a change in the world’s soul music scene. “The Make the Change Project World Tour 2014” was billed as a tour with roots in authentic American soul. Live performances and music recordings were held in varies cities around the US in collaboration with soul man Brian Owens of St. Louis, Missouri. There were also guest appearances at the “Heal Ferguson” festival organized by Brian Owens and other members of the Ferguson community in the name of healing.

By a twist of fate, Nao Yoshioka bumped into Eric Roberson at the airport in St. Louis and was fortunate enough to attend his show later that evening, and luckily had the opportunity to sing on stage at Eric’s request. For weeks following the show, her performance was still a hot topic on the social networks.

In October the tour traveled to The Netherlands, and included recording and performances along side the top soul singer in The Netherlands, Shirma Rouse. Performances included a duet with a world reknown saxophonist, the internationally heralded Candy Dulfer.

Beginning on November 15, 2014, Nao Yoshioka and Shirma Rouse began their Japan tour in Osaka, Nao’s hometown. From Osaka, the tour headed to Nagoya and then Tokyo. In total the pair performed in 4 cities in Japan including a final show in Sapporo. By the end of the Japan-leg of the tour, Nao Yoshioka had shown a wealth of growth through her collaborations with a host of top independent soul artists.

Overall, the entire 3 month tour was hugley sucessful for Nao Yoshioka and the other very talented soul artists from around the world who all contributed to making a change in worlds soul music scene.